We have briefly explained what cookie is last week, so why not dive into this issue deeper by introducing the 2 types of cookies? Of course, there are more than 2 types of cookies, and we wish to introduce the rest of them in the short future.

First-party cookies, this kind of cookie are directly under the website, it is used to track users online preference. It stores information for a long period of time, which means user’s information, for instance, language, login information, menu preference, and more will be kept and save even when users leave the website for a period of time.

Third-party cookies, as far as it sounds like, this kind of cookie are installed by the third party, for instance, advertisers and analytics companies, the main purpose of it is to collect users online history, for example, spending history, behavior, and interest topics, in order to identify the correct target audience and implant more suitable advertisement.

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Larus Foundation is an NGO that strives to increase public engagement amongst the youth, in the process of Internet Governance and Internet Policy.