E-Safety simply means online safety, especially for children. It is hoped that by education and adjusting computer settings, children can learn to protect themselves when using the internet, also, harmful and inappropriate information that could be found on websites and pop-up advertising will be blocked from children.

The subject of E-Safety has been placed on the top of the agenda recently, as the problem of cyberbullying has increased when social media is becoming more popular. Children may not know how to deal with the nasty comments and haters, therefore it is important to educate them on how to react to it and seek help immediately when things are getting worse. Besides, harmful information for example like pornography and violence advisement may affect children’s mental health, so for children's sake, the privacy settings on their devices should be adjusted.

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Larus Foundation is an NGO that strives to increase public engagement amongst the youth, in the process of Internet Governance and Internet Policy.