What does NCSS do?

Since cyber issues most of the time are largely identical but with minor differences, countries no matter is or is not EU member shares similar cybersecurity strategies, and the below are some of them,

  • To define a systematic and integrated approach to national risk management (e.g. trusted information sharing and national registries of risks).
  • To define and set the goals for awareness-raising campaigns that instil changes in the behaviour and working patterns of users.
  • Comprehensive research and development programs that focus on emerging security and resilience issues of current as well future systems and services (e.g. smart devices).

Of course, there are more than three commonly shared strategies, some countries even developed their own unique strategies, for more information, please feel free to visit the website.

Reference: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/publications/cyber-security-strategies-paper

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Larus Foundation

Larus Foundation


Larus Foundation is an NGO that strives to increase public engagement amongst the youth, in the process of Internet Governance and Internet Policy.