What is NCSS?

NCSS, stands for National Cybersecurity Strategies, it is probably an unfamiliar word to most of us, indeed, we normally do not access to this field. The reason why I would like to introduce NCSS to you is that after all we had discussed the importance of cybersecurity to children and individuals, I want to bring this matter to a higher level, national.

In order to have flexible and elastic cybersecurity strategies to meet the constantly changing cyber environment, NCSS was developed, according to ENISA, ‘NCSS is a plan of actions designed to improve the security and resilience of national infrastructures and services.’ So far, every country in the European Union has set NCSS as a pinpointed policy, this helps countries to avoid potential risks for instance, social and economic loss, caused by insecure cyberspace.

Larus Foundation

Larus Foundation is an NGO that strives to increase public engagement amongst the youth, in the process of Internet Governance and Internet Policy.